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How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain

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Things are under no circumstances as they appear… What are the several types of optical illusions and why are our eyes tricking us?

How The Human Eye Evolved To Be So Complex –
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How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind
“Visual, or optical, illusions show us that our minds tend to make assumptions about the world – and what you think you see is often not the truth. Throughout history, curious minds have questioned why our eyes are so easily fooled by these simple drawings. Illusions, we have found, can reveal everything from how we process time and space to our experience of consciousness. Scroll down our interactive guide to find out why.”

What Are Optical Illusions? – Definition & Types
“In this lesson, we will explore the different types of optical illusions and discuss how they play tricks on our perception. Then you can test your knowledge with a fun quiz.”

How Do Optical Illusions Work?
“These are two identical, straight lines. Kind of boring, right? But what happens when you change what’s going on around them? All of a sudden, the lines look like they’ve changed size in relation to each other; they could shrink and grow; they might change to different shades; they may stretch and compress; and they could bend, buckle, or even change directions. But even though it would seem like the lines themselves are changing, the only thing that’s actually bending or buckling is your mind — the truly mesmerizing part of optical illusions.”


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How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain
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