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Joe Farrugia’s Fatal Crash

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The 1992/93 season was a tragic time for speedcar racing in Australia. Suddenly after a hiatus of practically 24 years with none deadly accident in the entire nation, after Ted Fluett was killed at Westmead speedway within the winter of 1968, three drivers misplaced their lives in such vehicles in a span of merely ten weeks.

Rodney Day handed away after an accident on the Parramatta City Raceway, within the state of New South Wales, Australia, on Monday, 28 December 1992. Exactly a month later, one other speedcar driver, Tony Boyle crashed on the Speedway Park monitor in South Australia on Friday, 22 January 1993 and handed away in consequence of this accident six days later. The Parramatta City Raceway would declare one other life on 12 March 1993, when Joe Farrugia, additionally in a speedcar, was killed seven weeks after Boyle’s loss of life.

Joe Farrugia was racing amidst the pack when he was concerned in a a number of automotive pile-up on the exit of a flip.

Joe Farrugia’s Fatal Crash
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