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Optical Illusion Detects Illness

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A Rutgers researcher and a professor from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey are growing optical illusions to assist diagnose and deal with schizophrenia in a collaboration that has been occurring for years.

Steven Silverstein, Professor of Psychiatry on the RWJ Medical School and Director of Schizophrenia Research at UMDNJ-University Behavioral HealthCare, says schizophrenia might be tough to diagnose and deal with as a result of presently there aren’t any lab assessments for the sickness. However, it has been extensively recognized that folks affected by schizophrenia aren’t usually tricked by optical illusions. Stevens heard of the work of Thomas Papathomas — Director of the Rutgers Laboratory of Vision Research on the Center for Cognitive Science — which focuses on how the mind interprets visible data. The two started to collaborate and consider their illusions can sooner or later be used not solely to determine folks with Schizophrenia, but additionally detect how effectively totally different therapies are working.

Optical Illusion Detects Illness
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