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Optical illusion protects PIN from shoulder-surfing attackers

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NEW YORK — A know-how developed by researchers at New York University might defeat shoulder-surfing attackers by displaying an optical illusion.

A shoulder browsing assault is when an attacker obtains one other individual’s PIN by straight trying over the sufferer’s shoulder, or by recording the method.

The IllusionPIN system, developed by the staff at NYU, generates an onscreen keypad with quantity keys in a sure configuration for the meant consumer, however somebody viewing the identical display from a distance will see a totally totally different configuration of quantity keys. For added safety, the system generates totally different keypad configuration for the meant consumer for each login try.

“PIN authentication is popular for good reasons, namely that it is easy to use and to remember,” Nasir Memon, NYU Tandon professor of laptop science and engineering stated in a press launch. “Our goal was to increase the resilience of PIN authentication without straining the device or compromising user experience.”

Previous research present about 73 % of cellular units customers surveyed reported that that they had noticed another person’s PIN, however not essentially with malicious intent. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the victims sai they weren’t conscious that they had been being watched.

The analysis was revealed within the journal IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security.

Optical illusion protects PIN from shoulder-surfing attackers
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