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Painted Einstein Hollow Face Illusion

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This our Einstein Hollow Face Mask, however it has been hand painted in order to provide an incredible life-like impression of Albert Einstein. A real murals. Also, the optical phantasm works extremely properly.

When you view the masks from the ‘hole’ facet, the face nonetheless appears to be protruding in direction of you – the human mind simply can’t compute a hole face! As the digital camera strikes left or proper, the face appears to swivel, and observe you. And if the digital camera strikes up and down, once more, the face tilts, to observe you. Amazing. And much more life like in actual life!

This would grace the wall of any museum wanting to indicate wonderful optical illusions!

Multiple layers of paint are wanted with the intention to get the ultimate impact, and it takes the painter per week’s work to create one among these.

Made within the UK

Thanks to David Chaudoir at for creating the brand new finish title sequence for us. Thanks David!

Painted Einstein Hollow Face Illusion
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